Help for noisy shower drain..please!

onthegoNovember 2, 2010

We just had a new shower put in...moved from the former location .. about 6 feet and when shower runs, now it sounds like a waterfall in the drain..very noisy. The contractor is not returning our call on this. We've tried wrapping the pipe under in the crawlspace..but knew that was a longshot..and it did not work. Any ideas why this is happening and how we might correct this? Appreciate any ideas, suggestions, etc. Thanks all!

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Did they move the trap?

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After the shower drain P trap, a pipe goes horizontally for X distance before it meets another pipe. Specifically what length is it now, from the shower drain P trap to the point where the trap arm meets another pipe?

"..... moved from the former location .. about 6 feet ...." I'll guess this means the pipe was lengthened not shortened.

By telling us the distance between the drain (P trap) and the next pipe, we are beginning to get an idea of a couple significant factors, slope and venting. More questions will follow. Report back and await further questions. : - )

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It would be helpful to see a photo of the drain in the crawlspace.

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Thanks for responding. I'll get a photo and post! Appreciate your help.

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