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ericsitarzNovember 27, 2011

A couple of weeks ago we got some heavy rain. The water pressure was fine and had plenty of hot water. Since that rain the pressue is low. Takes about 20mins to get a half a tub of water, toliet doesnt fill all the way up and the sink pressure are also low. It hasnt rain in over a week and the problem still exists. I live in an apartment, and the land owner says it just hard water. Well it was pefectly fine for the first 2months we lived here. Also the water isnt really how either, 7min shower goes cold 5min in it. Today I opened the bottom fixture of the water heater, it is very yellow water. there is a ton of mineral and sediment in there. Any ideas I can let my landowber know?

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"Any ideas I can let my landowber know?"

Yes. This is his problem, not yours, and you expect remedial action to be taken.

Certainly if you live in the US (but just about anywhere else, too, I would think) let him know that these basic services any renter is entitled to expect are deficient. He doesn't owe you soft water but he does owe you reasonable pressure and reasonable hot-water supply. I would regard it as a condition of continued tenancy.

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