How do I plug up a skimmer

gorilla_xMarch 9, 2012

Been a long time since I posted.

I have a pool with 2 skimmers. On one skimmer, the pipe that connects to the bottom of the skimmer is cracked and is leaking pretty bad. I can see the crack if I look into the skimmer hole... it's where the pipe connects to the skimmer. The company that built the pool went out of business in 2008 (about 6 months after construction was completed).

I had an estimate of $1100 for a company to pull up the brick paving deck, replace the skimmer, and then replace the pavers. Sounds high to me. So what I'd like to do is plug the skimmer hole.

I tried using that putty/resin stuff (2 tubes, and you mix the putties together). That lasted a few weeks, then leaked again. Then I tried a glue/sealer meant for boats. That lasted few weeks too. The crack is pretty large... looks like is is about 1/2 the circumference in length.

Is there a pre-made plug that can fit into the skimmer hole (located just under the basket)? I figure that's what I'll need, and some silicone.

What do you suggest? Need to make this last 1-2 years before I embark on a repair.


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There is another post about gluing under water and a service guy recommended using H2O Glue. Did you see that post? I couldn't find the post but I know it is pretty recent and he added the link to the website. I am sure you can google it and find it. That might work.

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What you need to do is go to Home Depot or Lowes and purchase a 1 1/2" and a 2" threaded cleanout plug and a small roll of teflon tape. One of these 2 sizes will thread down into your female threads at the bottom where the pipe fastens to the skimmer.
Make sure that your get at least 8 plus full wraps around the entire circle. Hold your plug with the square flange uo and wrap the teflon tape in a counter clockwise rotation so the tape tightens as you screw it in. I'd doubt if you have a skimmer tool so you'll need a Crescent wrench and a small screwdriver. Place the wrench over the flange and stick the screwriver in the hole on the handle to make a T handle at the end and tighten into the hole clockwise. Don't overtighten, a few full revolutions will be fine.

See ya,

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Kelly got it right on the actually plugging process. I will say that you really don't want to leave it plugged for long since it comprimises your water circulation. Don't be surprised if during hot summer months you have a hard time keeping the water clear. This may also make your pump work harder than normal.

What is the pool structure? Is it gunite? fiberglass? vinyl?

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By and large, the main use for plugging a drain line is so a repair can be made below it or a pressure test can be conducted. I personally tend to carry a large assortment of plugs and sizes (they aren't always round) but then, I am in the business and use them as tools.

I almost never need to have Teflon tape for this use though because of the plugs I have. Using plugs from HD, a local plumbing supply, or such may require taping, but usually not if they were the right size.


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Thanks for all the feedback and advice.

@cmanley33 - no, I did not see that post.
@MrsSB - pool is gunite

I knew I could count on this forum for a solution :)

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Here is the link if you couldn't find it and in case you want to try it for this fix or a fix in the future.

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