toewsrusFebruary 25, 2011

I have never liked decks and wanted a patio on our new home. Unfortunately the slope of our lot is dictating a deck.

I just found this product that allows standard tiles to be installed on decks.

Has anyone used this or have any feedback?

Here's a link to their website: http://www.tiproboard.com/index.html

Here is a link that might be useful: TI-ProBoard

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I also saw this article on tiling decks

He uses fiber cement tile underlayment panels. I'm assuming he's talking about a underlayment like Hardie backer panels. They come in 1/2" Do you think that is strong enough to prevent deflection which would cause popping of tiles?

He also talks about a water resistant liner. I'm guessing that's something like Schluter DITRA System.

Has anyone used this approach.

Here is a link that might be useful: Deck Handbook: Maintenance Free Deck

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Obviously the deck underlayment cannot be just cement backer board. Cement board is not structural. Lay 3/4" T&G exterior plywood as a deck understructure using corrosion-resistant screws (not nails) on 16" center joists, then cement board, then decoupling membrane, then tile.

With decoupling membrane that is waterproof, like DITRA, the cement board is not necessary.

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This is an intersting post.

We have been thru it before but still. If tile could go on a deck fully exposed to the weather it would be a very good thing.

I agree with Oldtime on the sub structure,in part anyway, but the whole trick is keeping the water out of the grount joints along with expansion and contraction after a firm framing system / underlamemt has been done.

On this subject I got an e-mail showing a successful tile/deck job under cover but still exposed. He used porcelain tile with very thin grout lines.

No membrane. The idea being if the water gets through the tile your lost anyway plus the tile wont go on the membrane with out a build up of grout below. In any case if the water gets thru into that it will freeze or generaly corrupt the bond.

Very intersting Topic.

John www.deckmastersllc.com

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