Above Ground Pool Filter Advice Needed

maj0819March 7, 2011

I am hoping someone can help me out. We are planning on getting a 21' round above ground pool. I have picked out the pool but am a little uncertain on what type of filter to choose. I originally was going to go with a cartridge filter but have heard mised reviews on them. Now I am thinking if I should just go with a sand. And then obviously the third choice is a DE, Any thoughts or advice on which ine I should go with. All would be Hayward filters.

Thanks in advance!

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Here is an article covering the three types of pool filters you mentioned. It might provide you with a bit more information.

I personally have a sand filter and have had 0 problems with it and found it pretty easy to maintain. I'm not sure on what kind of long-term costs you might be looking at with each. I believe sand is probably on the cheaper end to maintain (lats long and replacement costs are only around $100 for new media?).

Why were you originally going with a cartridge filter?

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I have a sand filter also. Its easy to use. I heard the DE is the best but I have never used it. Sand is the most cost effective.
Cartridges are a pain to clean!!!

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