Pot filler in kitchen with cold and instant hot

lalitharNovember 28, 2011

Hope some of the experts in this forum can guide me. How can I get cold water and instant hot water in a pot filler. I know I should not use regular hot water for cooking. I was hoping that instead of a separate faucet for instant hot, I could connect the instant hot to the pot filler. I am OK with a slow flow rate for hot water but it would sure be great if I can get cold water and potable hot water in the pot filler faucet.

Chicago faucets seem to have some commercial ones that seem to have a hot and cold handles and they also seem to have separate part numbers for different parts so perhaps I can use a standard double jointed spout instead of the hose that the commercial ones have. The temperature rating seems to go up to 140 degrees F.

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Rolling on down.

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Brickeye, thanks for the bump.

I spoke to a customer service rep at Chicago Faucets today and she indicated that I can customize a faucet to withstand water temperatures as hot as 200 degrees Farenheit. The hot water flow will be limited by the output of the instant hot so not very much but the water itself will be very hot and be mixable with regular cold water as well.

Here is the advice she gave. Does this seem reasonable to attempt?

Need to get a separate body, change the washer to a steam washer and get a separate front with shut off valve
540-LDDJ18CP Faucet

1-421JKNF Steam washer that can stand the heat

E31JKCP front with shut off lever in the front.

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