TT Reliaboard Reviews

tneisonFebruary 6, 2011

Ok - so now that it has been out for almost a year, I'm curious about any thoughts on this from those who have installed it. I've been searching this forum and googled it to death, there just aren't that many posts about it except a few initial (positive) comments on it right after someone installed it. I have a sample of it along with 10 other things and I like it - so I'm ok with the color, texture etc. of it.

I do live in a hot/humid environment and the deck gets direct sun so mildew and fading are an issue, though that would be a problem with most most decking products except something like TT XLM. I find these PVC or specialty coated composites to be 1) too expensive for me and 2) look a bit too plastic.

I know TT overall gets positive reviews as far as composites go, I'm hoping their new 'economical' solution fits right in there. I like the price point of it - right between PT and Ipe.

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