Leaky tub drain

tom_g_dcNovember 26, 2012

Hi. I have an old house (built 1939) with an inset cast iron tub. The drain is slowly leaking. I bought a tub drai wrench - two actually a and broke both I the process of trying to get it to budge. Even with all my strength and adding an 18 pipe for leverage (for what I estimate to to about 1500 inch lbs of torque) I couldn't turn it. So now I'm left with two options. I can try to Dremel it out but I'm concerned it is so old it may now be a standard size or something like that and who knows the status of the pipe threads.. Alternatively, is there a product I can apply to the underside (like a plumbers putty or alternative) around the old gasket to help seal it, The leak is real slow so even just a little but might do it. What would you recommend?

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Try copious amounts of WD40 and let it soak in for a few days.

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PB Blaster or Liquid Wrench are better.

Worst case use a small Dremel cutting wheel or stone to make notches in the ring and a chisel and hammer to turn it.

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Sounds like a job I wouldn't want to do!!! :p

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