First Post-Front porch post war era blah!

decoratordivaFebruary 26, 2012

Hi Everyone! I am a home decor addict. I bought this house for a steal in a great neighborhood but need some help with making it look more updated. All of the houses in the neighborhood are 1940's-50's post war era brick "bungalows." This is a bungalow where I am from. In California, it is a different type of house.

Here are some pics of before, during, after, and HELP!

I hate the light grey roof, but won't be replacing it anytime soon. I don't care for the concrete pilasters around the door, and I also am negative about the white trim. So what to do? Not a fan of brass either. Need some sharp eyes please!

First month that I had the house. Just added some plants, etc. Boring white door.

Painted the front door a warm dark grey to pull out some of the color from the brick.

Fall flowers

Detail of porch. UGLY BRASS-Ick concrete

So here are the list of things that I am pondering:

Black front door w/nickel knobs, kickplate, new porch light. Paint my $200 garage sale mail box (major steal for $10) I am stumped by the white trim and light grey roof.

I think I was on the right track with the door going grey. I am not afraid of color. Any ideas? Pics welcome. Thank you !

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The concrete pillar things are weird... would it be possible to paint them same color as the brick (the mid red tone) to help them blend in to the background? And yes with the grey door and roof I think the brass looks out of place and silver tones will look better. And I think I'd go with black trim!

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