Plaster Cost for new pool

SwimIn2012March 31, 2012

I am trying to understand the total cost to build a gunite pool. Any ball park figures for regular white plaster (marble) for a 40x20 (approximate) pool in the northeast? Do they charge by the square foot? This pool will be deeper than normal, so there will be more area to cover. Thanks very much.

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Yes, it's by the square foot but it's also the area. Different states have different costs of doing business.


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Actually, I think you will find that most plaster companies charge by the perimeter foot. In your case 120'.
Depending on labor rates and variables Scott mentioned you could be as low as $15/lf to $30/lf.

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Thank you both. I am in NY suburb, so I am sure it will be at the higher end of the price range. I am very surprised that they would charge by the perimeter foot. I am planning on a deep diving area and a deep shallow area. So, if my pool was average of 7' deep, that would be 1640 square ft. At $30/LF x 120' cost = $3600 or $2.20 sq. ft. A shallow pool at say average of 4' deep but with the same perimeter of 120' would be only 1280 sq. ft. For the same price of $3600, it would be $2.81 sq. ft. I would be getting an extra 360 sq feet plastered for the same price. Seems hard to believe. They must cover a lot of area very fast. Do you know how long (man hours) it takes to plaster this size of a pool? Also, I am assuming the prices you mentioned include labor and materials. Roughly how much is the material cost? Thanks a lot.

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Let me qualify. They measure perimeter and depth and number of benches and steps and then price per foot accordingly.
California prices may be a lot different than NY.
Good luck.

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Thanks golfgeek. It sounded too good to be true!
Does anybody know how much it would cost to plaster a pool in NY, (approx price per area) and how to find good pool plaster companies? I looked in the NPC website, but the companies listed are all pretty far from me. Thanks.

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I am about to do my pool and I have a bid on my hand for a total of $5900
For a 18x 38 pool size and a 9x9 spa size for a total of 765 sqft of color plaster $3250
152 Lft Install / Replace new tile selection up to $9.00 dollars ($1520 total)
Strip plaster down to the original gunite,and dispose all debris
I am Los Angeles area ,is this a fair deal?

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