Composite decking price comparison

brn3aFebruary 11, 2008

Hello all (forgive me if this is a double post).

I am interested in knowing if there are any websites (did a Google search and didn't find anything) that compare the actual or relative prices for the various composite decking materials? For instance what are the relative costs for Trex vs. Timbertech vs. Choicedeck vs. ???? vs. ???. I know that the cost for materials will be significantly greater than PT lumber, but what are the costs of the materials comparing the different brands.

I don't want to get into a discussion on the relative merits of composite vs wood or which of the composites is better, just the prices. Right now we have a small Choicedeck deck (about 10 y old) and are happy with it. We want to build a bigger deck. Before I make a dozen calls to local suppliers, I just wanted to see if this information has been compiled elsewhere.

Any ideas?



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Its all local Bart,you just gata shop. That is the cost of local stuff compaired with the cost of shipping.And then there is always shipping compaired with sales tax thing going on.

Some times my local TT guys are wanting to dump a no selling product and a few bucks can be made same with out of town suppliers. Start making those Calls Man,like we all do. John

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Thanks for the info. I was not clear initially. I was not asking for actual prices, but the relative prices of the different decking materials. For instances, assuming I had access to all the different brands locally, no shipping was involved and the tax % was the same, would Trex be more expensive than Timbertech? Veranda more expensive than Choicedeck, etc, etc? It seems to me that some of the products are going to be more premium priced (whether that represents actual quality is a different matter).
My assumptions could all be wrong if there are no MSRP's for these products, but in any case, I assume there are wholesale prices that the retailers pay. Again, I'm not looking for the actual prices, but the trends.

I don't need to call around locally to know that a BMW is going to cost more then a Chevy. What I want to know is what are the BMW's and what are the Chevy's.


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There is no msrp for decking. Composite is in Flux. Most of the time trex is the low ball because they are on the mat with blood all over the grandstands. TimberTech is the long lasting cost return choice with good first hand see how they take care of the Wallet when something goes wrong kinda thing.
Money is Money Bro, looking to price check is a tricky road. Go on out,look at the stuff,make your best deal if your not intersted in how the product holds up down the road.
I have a Choice decking story but you dont want to get into that,no comment on veranda.

Best to stack up ford,not GM, with a beemer. GM has been making a supper quality ride for 15 years its just that no one knows it. J.

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Thanks for the reply. It sounds like the market for composite is therefore quite competitive with the prices of the different brands pretty much determined by the retailers, rather than the manufacturers. That seems like a pretty good deal for the consumer.

BTW, no insult to Chevy. Was purely basing my comparison on price (Chevy's are in many cases less expensive than BMW's), not quality.

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This is true Brn, composite is direct linked to oil for a lot of reasons, you might find a starving lumber yard and make a good deal.

Side note>> I know its all against what composite stands for but many of the high grade out door finish guys make a sealer/finish for composite. I have tried it and it seems to work. The harder composites dont take it all that well but the softer stuff like trex,choice,epoch take it real wellNo Prob with the car thing it just bugs me that GM has made such a good auto with no one paying attention. J.

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