Is this a reasonable quote- Any upgrades we could ask for?

albertcatMarch 13, 2011

We are considering this company. There quote is below. Is this a fair quote? Can you recommend any upgrades we might ask for them to include at no additional charge?

-Permits, drawings approvals and inspections

-Layout, excavation, disposal of soil and gunite form boards (Shuttle run and excavator on site)

-Steel shell structure all 1/2 inch #4 rebar on 10's and 5's w/#4 on beam (all 1/2" diameter (#4) steel in pool)

-Hand cut & formed gunite pool shell 8 inch walls and floor, 12 inch beam

-Oklahoma Flagstone (thick) coping 12" wide on pool

-Waterline tile on pool and spa (choice of Noble tile- recommend 6 inch)

-Depth perception spotters (3" square on the 45 to match water line tile)

-500 watt pool light

-400 sq ft of Rainbow seeded aggregate concrete decking w/4" drain system to daylight as needed ($8.50/sq ft)

-Premium White Marble Plaster

-Formed concrete equipment pad 15 sq ft brushed concrete

-2 skimmers fully integrated into pool structure, jandy valves

-Electrical hook-up/installation 220/110 volt (assumes adequate power at breaker box)

-Pentair Whisperflo 2 HP pump with VGB Act release

-Pentair Clean n Clear 520 cartridge filter

-Pentair Legend Pool Sweep

-Final cleanup, gradeout, fence reconstruction, fence mods and door alarms per code

-Pool start up, 7 day break in and pool school initial instructions.


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I am sure some of the pool experts/builders can tell you more about the technical stuff but the one thing I would recommend is LED lighting. What is the size of the pool? You may want to consider 2 LED lights. Check out the Intellibrites by Pentair.

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What size pool?

400' of decking? Are you only going part of the way around?

If there is no spa, and this pool is the size I suspect roughly, a 2 HP pump is way too big. I do like the big cartridge filter though. Less cleaning.

Intellibrites are very worthy of your considerations.

Ask for a three way valve at the pump exhaust. This will allow you to vacuum to waste. Otherwise I foresee a hose bib that is only useful for lowering the pool's water level after a rain.

Specify schedule 40 pressure rated pipe, no flex.

Check for rock at excavation in the contract.


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Thanks for the responses. To answer some of your questions. The pool is 95 perimeter. We have a narrow yard and will not have decking on one side (landscaping) and it will be more of a narrow walkway on the other side. Most of the decking will be on the ends. There is rock approxmiately 18 inches under the soil. Rock excavation is inicluded in the quote.

What is the benefit of LED lighting?

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LEDs, are far more reliable and offer color changes on the fly. The reliability comes in that you there are no bulbs to change and far less energy is consumed. With Intellibrites, it 75 watts of power vs. 500 watts consumed.

If the pool is 32' long or less, a single LED will suffice. Any longer and you will need two. If this is the case, point them away from the house so you aren't blinded.

Have you met with other builders?

Remember to check references.


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