Aqua-Logic PS4 Clock not keeping Time

OrlandoRealtorMarch 24, 2013

My clock on my aqua-logic ps4 is running slow and getting slower every day. Is their a fix for this? I have been told the motherboard needs replacing, If that is the case, are these hard to replace yourself? Thanks for your help! Jerry

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The board is not hard to replace at all ...But remember you must write down all the programs for your pool setup and then reinstall them into the new board Since you will loose them when you change boards...


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Thanks , Just the settings that are on the screen? Go through them? or are they somewhere else?

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Also is there a 9 volt back up battery for the clock somewhere in the main board? If so where is it, I don't see it

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On ours, there's a little removable metal rectangle door held in by a screw. It is in the middle of the main control box on the right hand side when you open the door and says "remote 9-volt battery" or somthing to that effect. We remove the battery in the winter and install a fresh one when they open the pool in May.

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thanks which settings do you write down? The ones that come up on the screen when you scroll through it?

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