Leaking Toilet

fredmcNovember 11, 2010

I'm having trouble replacing a toilet.

Because we installed hardwood flooring in the bathroom the toilet flange is below the level of the floor. To compensate for this there is a kit you buy that installs on the original flange and includes a soft rubber ring that replaces the wax ring. But that doesn't seem to stop it from leaking when flushing. So I tried adding a wax ring on top of the rubber ring but that doesn't seem to work either. Anyone have any ideas on what to do.

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Move the flange up.

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How do you do that?


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Based upon your description I suspect the part you are describing as a kit with a rubber ring is in fact a "Flange Extension bushing" (sometimes called a flange buildup bushing) and you have it installed incorrectly.

A flange extension bushing is a flat PVC plate made in exactly the same size and shape as the top plate on a closet flange and it has a rubber gasket surface on the underside.

Begin by examining the original flange. There should be four screws through the flange than hold it down to the subfloor. Remove those screws, then lay the new buildup flange on top of the existing closet flange with the rubber gasket side down. The gasket is intended to seal the new buildup flange to the top of the existing closet flange (Although it is technically not required, I usually apply some clear silicone sealant to the rubber gasket material before installation.)

Now align all the holes and slots on the new buildup flange so they match the holes and slots of the original closet flange. You can now install the four screws. passing through both the buildup flange and the original flange then into the subfloor to secure the closet flange in place.

The top surface of the buildup flange should be about 1/8 to 1/4" higher than the finished floor.

Now install the two closet bolts on from the underside of the original flange, up through the slot of the buildup flange and on up were they will secure the closet bowl. (You may need to get longer closet bolts which are available at any hardware store.)

Now install a new wax ring and set the bowl in the conventional manner.

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