Terminox ISM for iron/manganese removal

merlin2552November 17, 2010


I have had a water softener with other assorted water treatment equipment (neutralizer, aerator, sediment filter) that came with our 1972 house with well. I need to replace the equipment as it no longer is working correctly.

Te water results from a certified lab on the raw water are:

Hardness 58 mg/L

Iron 1.09 mg/l

Manganese 0.11 mg/l

Color 100+

pH 7.08

Turbidity 14 NTU

The iron is dissolved I believe (although the test results didn't specify).

I know that water softeners are used to remove iron/manganese but it seems unnecessary since my water isn't hard.

I was researching and found this Terminox ISM filter on budgetwater.com Seems like it would work...I have had two water treatment equipment companies come out for quotes but I didn't like their answers to my questions, neither advised me to get the water tested at a certified lab; they just used their little strips, one insisted I had iron bacteria (I don't think so from the descriptions I've read) and both wanted to sell me in excess of $5000 worth of equipment. I don't think my water is that bad, but I am now getting iron stains on my clothing in the wash. I have had 2 plumbers come look...the first suggested the testing and he disconnected the water softener and we used a polypropylene wound 10 micron cartridge in our filter only and this was OK for a while but then the clothes started getting stained. Next plumber hooked the softener back on line but it is not working....I fill washing machine and can still see water color is too high.

I distrust the water treatment companies and started to try to research this myself when I ran across this budgetwater.com. They have a lot of information about water and insist you should get water tested first. Just wondered if the Terminox is something anyone has tried or has an opinion on. I've been reading through these posts and looks like there are some water treatment specialists who are sharing their knowledge and experience.

I hope you can give me some help.

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I'm not an expert by any means but you might want to consider this company also.

Just bought a Water Softner and Carbon Unit off of them, easy to deal with and talk to. Will answer all your questions.

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merlin 2552, for more on Terminox systems, check this thread:

particularily member 'mydreamhome's' posts

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One question to start us off: Does your water have color coming out of the tap, or does it start clear and then darken over a period of time?

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I am just checking for an update. What system was chosen and how is it working out? My new home's water has low ph, high iron, and high manganese, and I am working on a solution as well. Thanks.

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Bought Terminox and Chem Feeder from Budget Water. After 5 months of use, the Chem Feeder broke. Called Budget Water and they tell me I added too much bleach resulting in the chemical feeder to break. Complete B.S. Budget water tells me it is not covered under warranty because I broke it. Anyone looking to buy any type of water system look elsewhere. No reputable company would leave their customers hanging like that. Not worth the trouble. Before you spend thousands, look at a company that will stand behind their products!

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What is the specific problem with the Chem Feeder? Can you provide a link to the equipment to which you are referring, or post a picture?

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The chemical feeder would run, but nothing would come out. The discharge line from the pump to my water line turned grey/black. Might have something to do with the diaphragm. This pump is a chemical feeder pump and I use 500ml of bleach to 7.5 gallons of water. For Budget Water to say I used too much bleach is a joke. I bought this whole system with Terminox from them and I am completely disappointed by how they wouldn't stand behind their product. I just hope people wouldn't have to deal and go through the same situation as I did.

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What brand is the pump? A few things to look at:

  • Those little chemical feed pumps are really easy to work on. If you remove the head you can usually see the problem pretty quickly. Often the problem with a diaphragm pump used for bleach is that a small leak can bind up the action.

  • Diaphragms also fail quickly with chlorine feed and should, consequently, be inspected every six months.

  • Additionally, the injector fitting should be checked religiously and often. They need to be cleaned/changed frequently. Once they clog, your pump gets overworked and quits functioning.

  • Bleach also off-gases, which can cause the pump to lose prime.

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Thank you for your help. I will take it off and see if I can locate the problem. The pump is made by Chem tech (pulsafeeder).

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Here's a link to the series 100/150 manual. Hope it helps.

ChemTech Pulsafeeder series 100/150 manual

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I don't blame Budget Water for the failure of the pump, I blame Pulsafeeder. I refuse to sell their product after having a hard time getting them to fix a system under warranty. Very poor customer service. I have used LMI for years and found it be very reliable and will last. Even the diaphram using chlorine will hold up.

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  • You need to stand behind the products you sell and you shouldn't blame your customers. How can you blame your customer if you haven't even seen the defective pump? If the product is not good, why are you selling it? This Chem feeder was recommended by budget water. Things will happen when it comes to running a business. It is how you handle the problem and how you take care of your customers that separates you from other competitors. Honestly, I don't even care about the cost to repair or replace the pump. I was upset at budget water for saying I broke the pump from using too much chlorine. Really! Have you even taken the pump apart to see what is broken? Instead of claiming that I broke the pump from misuse, next time you should at least ask for the pump to be shipped back and see what is broken first. I fell for the "satisfaction guarantee" on their website. But I guarantee you I won't fall for it again.
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Absolutely. Budget Water sells them because they are cheap enough that residential customers will buy them. They ought to be helping you deal with Pulsafeeder - and Pulsafeeder should improve their quality.

Completely agree with biermech re LMI - great little pumps.

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I agree castle. I am mad at Pulsafeedeer with the way I was treated which would have put my customer without quality water for over a month if I hadn't installed an LMI in it's place while waiting for a repair. I've never dealt with Budget Water so I can not say anything about how they operate, but you now know first hand their business practices. Sorry for your troubles.

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