help __new house build - canada (ont)

Canada_NEWHSENovember 7, 2012

Hello evereyone;

need some help with Plubming issues::

New Build in canada , lower ont area and hosue is 3 floors, basement , 1st , 2nd and attic , aprox 2980 sq ft house

>> need help with :

a) Cupper pipes or like msot builders now - want to use the PEX ??? which is better and easier for COLD COLD winter ( heat loss??)

me I am leaning towards CU pipes all around

b) hot water ..... TANKLESS or normal storage thang (GAS)

2 full batths, 2 shoers and one dishwasher

Please help with sizes and Brands ??

( I looked at some Rannai NC80i I think ) etc

Thanks in advance

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