Black water, vegetation, and leak.

Mochi79March 21, 2013

Hi Everyone,
I know nothing about pools and recently bought a home with an in ground pool. The pool hasnâÂÂt been open in years; the water is black and I think thereâÂÂs vegetation growing out of it. I wanted to test the equipment but the water wonâÂÂt reach the skimmer. I filled it, but the water kept falling to about six inches below the skimmer. Now IâÂÂm collecting estimates from professionals, but the estimates are all across the board. Some companies are recommending test that others are not. Some companies are saying that the pool needs to be completely drained and acid washed, others are saying chemically treating the water would work. I have no idea what the best course of action is. IâÂÂm on a limited budget and am afraid of being taken advantage of. Thanks for any knowledge you can share.

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Drain and clean is your best bet. You really need your equipment running to chemically clear the pool. You need to address the leak before refill or you will waste your water. A pressure test can be done with the pool empty. They pressure test during construction, before water is in the pool. If your leak is structural, there are other ways to find the leak.
First, I would clean that mess up, for health purposes. Good luck.

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