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chm2008November 11, 2010


I'll try to keep this brief, but some background is in order.

Our area of the midwest has been going through an extreme drought over the past 3 months. Subsequently, our century old spring fed well pretty much dried up. The little that we were getting was discolored and had sediment. We've been hauling water, and I finally decided to have a tanker truck deliver water to us this week.

I already removed the aerators last week to clear the sediment out of them. The cold water was flowing fine, however, the hot water was maybe about 1/4 pressure of the hot water. Today I decided to flush the hot water heater to remove any sediment there. I followed the instructions for this on the Natural Handiman site, but these same instructions are all over the net as well.

We successfully drained the water, and had it fill up again with cold water. Only problem is, when we turn on our faucets now, all we are getting is a lot of air. Eventually the air pressure disapates, but no water. I've turned the hot water output off, and then back on. Turned the hot water heater back on at the circuit breaker box, but still nothing. I also checked the pressure valve on the hot water heater, and there is definitely pressure when I gently disengage the pin.

I'm stumped as to why we were at least getting some hot water before, but now, we are getting none. Some of the "solutions" on the internet seem rather radical, including cutting pipes to get sediment out of there.

Anyone have an idea on how I can fix this problem? At least to get us back to where we were before with the pressure?

Thank you in advance.

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Just a quick addition:

If the only hot water knob is turned on with my faucet, only air.

If only cold water knob is turned on with my faucet, full pressure.

If hot water knob and cold water knob both turned on, I'm at 1/2 pressure/flow.

Just wanted to clarify. Thanks, and I look forward to your responses.

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