Wood fence material

ElGrecusFebruary 1, 2014

Not exactly the right place for this in "Porches & Decks" but I couldn't find a better place. I am looking to do a wood fence like the attached picture. I would like an inexpensive finish material to keep costs down. The material will be stained almost black with semi-transparent stain so it can be a bit knotty. So far I have looked at:

- redwood lath (very cheap but a little too insubstantial)
- 6 foot cedar dog ear fence pickets, ripped in half with dog ears cut off (good price, rough texture)
- 3/4" x 2" cedar finished on one side (expensive)

Any thoughts on what would work to achieve this look economically? I am in Los Angeles if that helps. Thanks!

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If you're willing to do some cutting yourself, check out local businesses that salvage /recycle building materials. I did a quick search and the link below is a list of a few in your area.

We have one in our area that specializes in lumber......saved a lot of $$ during a project.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recycle/Salvage

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