Is a two handled kitchen faucet going to drive me crazy?

ktj459March 19, 2014

I love the look of bridge faucets, but have never had a kitchen faucet with two handles. Would it end up driving me crazy to have to adjust on two and not ever be able to use it one handed with ease? Is this a situation where I'd be sacrificing function for form or am I just overthinking it?

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I had a single handle faucet for years but switched recently to a 2 handle. Not a problem for me, I like it.

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I had a two handled faucet in our old farmhouse, drove me crazy! I have had a single for the past 10 years and don't see that ever changing.

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Originally I was going to go with a single handle for functionality but I too love the bridge faucet style.

I decided to go with the bridge and I love it! I have been using it for 3 months now and haven't regretted it.

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One handle, and I have a tapmaster so that I rarely touch the one handle. Use the double with a tapmaster, you get the look you want and mostly hands free too!

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I've had a single handled faucet with a pull down spray in my home for 12 yrs. In the lake house we built 7 yrs. ago we installed a 2 handled faucet w/ a side spray. Seemed a better fit for the farmhouse soapstone sink there. I go back & forth between the two with ease.

My double handle faucet is a porcelain lever style. If it had a crank style where I had to twist each side to turn on, that might be an issue, especially when hands are wet/gunky.

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We have two handles (actually both our kitchen and bathroom faucets are two-handled) and like it. I do think a big factor is where you set your water heater temperature, though. Ours is set relatively low (120) because we have young kids, but the other plus to that is that we can turn on the hot tap for warm water, and it doesn't heat up to scalding--no need to add cold to cool it off for things like washing dishes. It would make me nuts if I had to adjust between the two faucets regularly, but I typically just turn on the hot tap for warm water and the cold tap for cold water.

Agreed with amck on levers vs. cross handles. We've had both, and while I prefer the look of the cross handles, the levers are far, far easier to use with wet or dirty hands.

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Have 2 handles in basement kitchenette. I hate turning each tap separately, every time to adjust the temperature. Worse when hands are icky! Main kitchen has a single lever Price Pfister. I can turn it on and off with just my baby finger. When turned off, it remains in it's current position (no need to move the lever to center, like some others).

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I couldn't stand two handles when I had them. They were knobs, not levers, so that was no help; but the main problem was that I was always holding something in my right hand, so I ended up turning on the hot for everything. Not a problem with temp (we have our water heater turned down for kids too) but it was wasteful.

Now I have a single lever, oriented toward the front, that I can operate with either hand (or either wrist if my hands are chickeny), and kitchen work is much easier.

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It depends. I like the look of two handles, and installed one in our bathroom last year. It was an improvement over two knobs, but while the faucet still makes me happy to look at, it drives me nuts to use. Temperature regulation takes that extra split second x number of times a day; the two handles take up y amount of extra space on either side of the faucet, and there seem to be extra bits to clean - all inconvenience level problems. Changing it out to a uglier one-handled lever is creeping steadily up an already very long house to-do list.

We also have two handles on our basement utility sink. It's still inconvenient, but not as often, and I'm keeping that faucet.

I'd put two handles in a guest bath or show kitchen, but our kitchen is getting a single lever handle, non-negotiable.

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Had a Grohe pulldown in the old kitchen. In the new kitchen have a Perrin Rowe Bridge with separate sprayer. I thought it would be a big adjustment. It wasn't. I love the solid feeling of the bridge faucet. Much more substantial than the one I had before. Bought it for looks but totally happy with form and function.

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Now that you've thought of it, it is sure to.

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i have two perrin & rowe bridge faucets. i think the two handle operation would bother me in the kitchen since i like easy access to water when meal prepping. the only reason it doesn't bug me is we installed tapmasters; one at the main sink and another for the prep sink. they each give you a choice of warm, cold or hot water output. i think it's the only way to go.

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I strongly prefer single handled faucets even though I love the old timey look of 2 handles.

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We have a bridge faucet we love. I don't like 1 handled faucets personally. Too hard to control. You can get more precise temp control with 2 handles. I think the people saying turning on 2 handles takes too long are being a wee bit dramatic. I guess I don't mind sacrificing an extra 3 seconds each week. Just personal preference.

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My preference is for single handle in the kitchen, dual lever types in the bathrooms.

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