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clubcreNovember 8, 2008

I had a leak under my kitchen sink from when the old owner used the existing metal piping and conected it to new pvc piping when they had a leak. Why they didnt just go buy the 6.00 dollars kit at walmart i dont know to convert to pvc all the way. I did. I went bought the kitchen PVC replacement/ repair kit it comes with washers and pea-trap,pvc straight pipes.All you need for a kitchen sink drain. I then wanted something good cause I tend to over do it when it comes to sealing stuff. I went to the JB weld website and looked up their product cause I have the epoxy mix here already for use on my car. I know about the pvc cement but it often times only holds for a year then the winter and then summer and then a leak comes.Heres what I got from the JB weld website..SAFE FOR USE ON Tensile Strength: 3960

Adhesion: 1800

Flex Strength: 7320

Tensile Lap Shear: 1040

Shrinkage: 0.0%

Resistant to: 500F



hot & cold pipes



toys, hobbies & crafts


lighting fixtures






sporting goods

ceramic tile

water & fuel cans, tanks, and tubs


fuel tanks


cracked engine blocks

transmission & rear-end casings

cylinder heads & sleeves

generators, starters, water & fuel pumps

axles & hubs

valve guides

press fit bearings

crankshaft pulleys

casting defects

door stops

key ways

stripped threads

body shop repairs


steel, aluminum, & fiberglass boat hulls


deck gear

galley equipment


motors & propellors

fishign equipment


metal & PVC pipe

ceramic appliances


So I experimented and it didnt melt any of the pvc at all. Actually in fact just to make sure I also bought some water proof bathroom wet area caulk for 2 bucks and along the way sealed each of the joints. I used the JB Weld as a glue fit the pipes and joints together waited 24 hours for it to dry and bond then went back with DAP KWIK SEAL Kitchen and Bath Adhesive Caulk. Adhesive meaning will bond also means extra protection. Since the JB Weld is 8.75 a tube and I had some here already from previous use I didnt have to spend any thing except for 5.89 (6 bucks)for the Kitchen End Outlet / UNDER SINK REPAIR KIT @ walmart and 1.99 for the adhesive caulk. All I needed for around ten bucks it has been 3 months now and I live in south carolina so its getting colder and all in all it seems to be going well real well.I dontthink with the pipes inside the house is going to be effected by the weather much at all though considering heat and a/c and insulated house etc. I have seen many plumbers use the JB weld water and JB weld industrial weld on almost any thing. Believe me there is a JB weld for just about anything and its safe on almost anything but not recomended for temperatures over 500 degrees although my younger brother used it on his manifolds 3 years ago and still has the same car and Go to and you will see there guarantee and all the products they carry it isnt just one JB WELD its a whole family of products.

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And your point is?

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PVC joints when done properly DO NOT leak after a year. If they do then you are not doing them correct.

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besides that, the DRAIN PIPES are supposed to be hand tight, not sealed. next time you get a clog you will have to cut it all out and redo it, thus costing you 2x what it would if done the correct way.

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JB WELD is not approved by any code for use on plumbing systems.

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