No water coming out of kitchen faucet

joyce_6333November 3, 2010

Hope someone can help me. DH is gone on a business trip, and the faucet in the kitchen only drips water when I turn it on. Every other faucet in the house is fine.

HELP!!! Is this something I could easily fix without any knowledge of plumbing at all?



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Assuming this just started? and that it has worked correctly before?

Can you remove the aerator from the business end of the faucet? It usually just unscrews. There may be some debris clogging it up.

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Worked perfectly all just started. I unscrewed the "head" part of the faucet, and it has 3 aerators. It's one of those pullout sprayer faucets. There didn't appear to be anything blocking the water. I blew through the aerators. While I had it apart, I turned the water on, and nothing came out. Put it back together, and not even a drop comes out now. Doesn't even sound like water it trying to flow.

Now I suppose I really broke it, huh?

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I don't think you broke it. Part of the internal mechanism may have gotten plugged or failed. Given your limited plumbing skills, I recommend you not try to take the faucet apart on your own. It's not difficult, but you could end up with a leak or flood if you're messing around...particularly as I don't know if you have shutoff valves under the sink.

One other thing: Is this a single lever faucet, or are there separate handles for the hot and for the cold?

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Inasmuch as you say you know nothing of such matters, stop right there. With the degree of uncertainty you've expressed, I suggest you not mess with this pressurized water line. The amount of damage that can be done in even a short time of uncontrolled leakage can be incredible.

Call a plumber. It will be a simple matter for them. Probably be minimum service-call charge. Don't feel foolish about it. Just get it taken care of.

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I'm calling the plumber....thanks!!!

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Please post back when you get a diagnosis.

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