Wet/Dry vac

bus_driverNovember 7, 2010

The actual plumbers here will understand the use of a wet/dry vac to clear the remaining water from the tank of a toilet to do repairs such as replacing the fill valve. My 16 gallon unit is just two big and bulky to drag into some baths. I have one of the small 2 gallon "Stinger" vacs from HD. So weak on suction as to be virtually useless. Can't someone make a vac with good suction but manageable size even if frequent emptying is necessary? Do you have a good alternate method to clear the water remaining after flushing?

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I use a large sponge and squeeze it out in the bowl.

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Agree with nod702.

Unless you have multiple toilets to repair, I think the wet/dry vac idea is more trouble than it's worth.

I have a 16-gallon wet-dry vac and plenty of room to use it for such an application. But I wouldn't, because cleaning/drying/servicing the vac is a bigger pain that just emptying the bowl one time with sponge or towels, IMHO.

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