faucet for tankless

stonitschNovember 21, 2010

what type of faucet is best for a tankless water heater? One that has a single control (controls both hot and cold water) or one that has two control - one for hot and one for cold. This would be for the kitchen and bath.


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Single-lever or dual-handle has no direct bearing on tankless water heaters.

I prefer dual handle regardless of the type of water heater. Single-lever tends to waste hot water, being that hot water runs when the handle is in any position other than direct-cold. My grandmother for example is constantly running her faucet at various degrees of mid-position for washing hands and drinking water, rinsing the sink, etc. Her kitchen sink involves a long run from her water heater, and she doesn't understand that although the water at the faucet may not feel warm, there is still hot water being drawn from the tank and cold water fed into the tank that must be reheated.

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