Old slide in the shallow end--bad?

Fori is not pleasedMarch 8, 2011

I'm in the process of attempting to purchase a home with a pool built in 1962. As advised by y'all, it was inspected by a pool pro who said that the slide should be removed because it went into the shallow end and that is dangerous. I guess people lived on the edge in the sixties.

Is that really a danger? It's one of those scary-looking old fashioned slides--if anything I'd be concerned about a little kid falling off of it before he hit the water.

Would you remove it...or go down it a few times and see if you hit bottom?

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Lose it. No if, and or butts about it. Your insurance company will thank you.


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The pool needs to be 3' at the end of the slide, and 4'6" deep at 4'6" out and continue to be 4'6" for 13' total.

Would I install on on a pool less than that, NO!

Would I remove one from my pool that were installed in water less than that? Probably not. Slides are fun.

I'd wait for my insurance dude to say something before I assumed he's have a problem with it.

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Ditto racket,
And add as long as the slide itself is safe and secure.
If it is that old it may not be.
And follow proper slide safety, like no head first, one person at a time, ect.

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Fori is not pleased

Hmm. I will take some measurements--the inspector didn't measure anything (including depth). He just said it was stable but on the wrong end of the pool.

I probably SHOULD remove it--a pool is a big enough temptation for a 2 year old without a slide--but it's just so darn kitschy!

Thanks for the perspectives! (next up: fence and alarm research...)

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Whether the insurance guy says yeah or nay, to me is secondary. Older slides are dangerous and kids do stupid things so fast, IMHO, it's just the right thing to do.


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What makes older slides more dangerous than new ones?

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Fori is not pleased

Low sides, very little railing. The fact that there is a pool nearby is the least concerning thing about it! I'll have to get pictures when I get a chance.

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We have a slide in our pool. Was there when we bought the home. It was damaged a few years ago in a hail storm and insurance paid to replace it. However, there was only one local company that I could find that would even do the actual install. No one would do it due to liability issues. Not even the original pool company would do it.

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You have a 2 year old; I assume you've taken him to the park. Does he use the slide the way the designers intended?

No, I thought not. He won't for many years yet. How many, I cannot say; my eldest is only 10. But "walk up ladder, sit nicely, say wheee" is not a preferred method of slide use among any children I know. And compliance with the "no pushing" rule will be as low as he can get away with.

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Fori is not pleased

It's going. The bungee cord holding the railings together didn't help its case much. Maybe I'll reinstall it on the lawn somewhere.

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