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tavertyFebruary 1, 2012

I know the usual answer to this question is "speak to a structural engineer." However, I am building a new deck and would like the possibility to add a hot tub in the extended future. We may never install one. I already spoke to a local structural engineering firm and they wanted ~$1,000 just to look at the plans. When I pull the hot tub permit later I'll need a structural engineer to sign off on the plans. I would just hate later if an engineer says, "You could have installed a hot tub if the footer was 1 inch bigger!"

I researched and ran some calculations to come up with footer sizes and I was hoping the community could take a look and let me know the plans look adequate to support a basic Costco tub I found.

Parameters I used:

2000 psf soil bearing capacity

130 psf for the entire deck

Tub details:

7'7" x 7'7"

4100lbs filled

See the plans at the following link:



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Here's the plans:


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Consider pouring a concrete slab and designing the deck such that you can later cut away and install the hot tub more flush with the deck level.

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We're required to design to 200lb/sqft for hot tubs or spas on a wood deck.

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Sophie Wheeler

Money-gomery County, Maryland? You are NOT going to get around the red tape associated with having an engineer's stamp. Bite the bullet and pay for the consult now.

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Thanks for the feedback. Wow 200lb/sqft? Snow country?

Yeah I hear you on the engineers stamp. And I have no intention of installing a hot tub without the engineers stamp and proper permits. The big issue I have with paying 750-1000 now is I may never install the tub.

Thanks again.

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