water softner sizing

Keger5November 20, 2012

what size do i need private well 8.0 gpm Ph 7.5 Alkilinity 180 Hardness 8.0 gpg No iron 1100 sq ft 2People 1 Bath Also which softners are quiet

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Do you have a high-water-use item such as a jacuzzi tub, hot tub or multi-head shower?
Do you expect the household population to change?
Do you frequently have overnight guests?
Does your water have any odor or visible particulates?
What is the maximum flow rate you can achieve (time while you fill a bucket from a bathtub with faucets fully open or from an outside spigot).
Do you typically want/need to run a shower and a dishwasher or other water-use at the same time?

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hello no hi water use items
no household population change
overnight guestonce in a while
no odor or visible particulates
10.0 gal per min
no usually do not do that
hardness is 10gpg not 8gpg sorry my mistake

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A 0.75 cuft softener will work well for your situation. This will actually be a little over-sized for your hardness, but is as small as you want to go to maintain adequate water flow to your house.

All softeners will make noise during regeneration as the valve changes positions, brine is sucked into the tank and water discharges to drain. The best way to mitigate the noise is to locate the softener in a remote area of the house or provide some sound-proofing in the softener location. If you are in an area where freezing is not an issue, they can also be located outdoors, with proper weather protection for the controller.

Call local water treatment folks and see what they suggest. If your neighbors have water treatment they may have info about what companies are reliable. If you are handy you could order online and DIY, but realize this means you are the service tech if something needs repair.

Regardless, you want:
1. Gravel underbed
2. noryl bypass valve
3. metered regen (not just a timer). Fleck 5600sxt or equivalent
4. 8% crosslinked resin, standard (not fine mesh), preferrably American-made to ensure good quality

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i can handle install myself do you recomend any company on the net what are different between 5600 sxt and 6700 xtr what is the reason for gravel underbed
looking to use putpurolite c100e resin is that fine

thank you

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6700xtr has more programming capability allowing more flexibility in your water treatment choices. For your purposes, no need to spend the extra money. The 5600 will do everything you need.

Purolite makes quality resins. C-100E will be fine for your water.

The gravel underbed establishes correct water flow distribution to prevent channeling. Channeling causes hardness leakage, insufficient and inconsistent regen and premature resin failure.

If you are doing install yourself, make sure the company you purchase from provides detailed installation instructions. Softener manuals tend to assume you already know how to install.

I will provide you with the information you need, but I don't recommend or endorse any particular company. You will have to do your own research into internet companies. There are many out there. Contact them with your information and see what they recommend, see how helpful and knowledgeable they are and see which you are comfortable with. Once you have quotes/specs I am happy to help you evaluate them or answer specific questions you may have.

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thank you i will get in touch after i make my install

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