dual sump pumps - size of discharge pipe

dawnrNovember 17, 2011

I need dual sumps in same pit and am installing (2) 1/2 HP Zoeller or Stormpro (hand dug foundation. Big water issue. Not your usual basement). If I tie them in together, what size PVC discharge pipe in basement? Zoellers are 1 1/2 inch so would 2 inch PVC line be ok if the two are tied together? Someone recommended 2 separate discharge lines in case one gets clogged but i never had a line get clogged in basement. If you install a bigger line (3 inches), does this have any effect?

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Check the output port on your sump pumps..most of them have a 2" port with a reducer that will permit connecting an 1-1/2" line. For peak efficiency they should be connected with the largest pipe size that the pump is set up for.

The standard rule of thumb is if you increase the size of a pipe by one nominal trade size you double the capacity..so if your pumps do in fact use 1-1/2" you could combine them on a 2" line.

If they will accept a 2" line then combine them on a 3" line.

Make sure you have a 1/4" per foot pitch from the highest point of the line above the pump to the point were it exits the structure.

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