How do I setup IntelliTouch with IntelliFlo?

fl_countrybumkinMarch 24, 2011

I have the IntelliTouch i7 with the IntelliChlor unit. I recently added the IntelliFlow pump (replaceing a 2sp Whisperflow). I guess I don't have the Intelli-gence to get this setup right.

I had my IntelliTouch setup to run the pump from 7AM to 11AM, then run the pool suction cleaner from 11AM to 2PM, then go back to pump mode from 2PM to 4PM.

Now with the IntellFlow pump, my IntelliTouch program does not give me the option to have a second pump cycle. It doesn't seem like anything works at the time it is (or was) scheduled in the IntelliTouch. Also the IntelliTouch starts up in the middle of night (ramps up a couple of speeds) then shuts off. Seems like this happens randomly.

1) My IntelliFlow is set for 20K gallon pool, 3 turn overs a day, 3 cycles a day.

2) I have the Ext. Control Programs (1 to 4) Disabled.

3) I have the Features (1 to 9 and M.O.) Disabled.

4) I have the Filter Modes (Start and Stop Cycles) for cycle 1, 2, and 3, set to the same times as I scheduled the IntelliTouch for. This was my latest attempt from this weekend - still not sure if this is doing anything.

I thought the IntelliTouch was supposed to control the IntelliFlow. Do I even need to set the Filter Start and Stop Cycles?


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Power to the pump is not provided by a relay. It should get it directly and be on 24/7. There is a control cable that gets connected to a communication port in the IntelliTouch control panel.

The random starts may be freeze control kicking in.

How old is the IntelliTouch?


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Thank you for responding to my question.
It is not freeze protection - I am past that season now (I'm in FL the temps are in high 80s now) and when freeze protection comes on it says "freeze" on the main display.
I have the IntelliFlow wired directly to the 220V breaker and the control cable is wired to the IntelliTouch.
The IntelliTouch is about two years old. It has been upgraded (firware upgrade) so it supports the IntelliFlow and ThemaFlow products.
I wonder if the reason it won't maintain my schedules is because the IntelliFlow is calculating turnovers based on water flow and shutting off early (when the turnover is finished) rather than just running the full time I schedule it for.
If I hear from anybody reagrding programing (or not needing to program) Filter Schedules in IntelliFlow - I'll post back. The manual seems to be geared to programming the IntelliFlow to control pool features (waterflalls, ect, start/stop times) so the IntelliFlow controls those things for those owners that don't have a programmable contol unit (like the IntelliTouch). Since I have the IntelliTouch I think I can skip all the programming steps in the IntelliFlow and let the IntelliTouch do the scheduling work - that is my real question.

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For the most part, that is what it is doing.

Why do you have 3 turns per day? That will cause it to run faster/longer than you really need. is a useful link. They have techs answering questions M-F.


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I want to run the pump a good part of day so the IntelliChlor adds a sufficient amount of chlorine. With the IntelliChlor, the chlorine is only made when the pump is running.
Last year I tried to run the pump about 4 hours a day but I had a hard time keeping the algee out of the pool. So I now run the pump all day. BTW - I had to run my 2sp WhisperFlow pump on high all the time because the low setting was too low for the IntelliChlor to work.
I expect the new pump (Intelliflow to run at a lower cost because I can/have set the gpm to the minimum level that my Chlorinator needs to work. Then I have the gpm increase when the automatic (suction side) pool vacuum is scheduled to come on (or if I switch to Spa mode).
I'm trying to find all right settings to give me maximum efficiency (lowest cost) while still running the pump during the daylight hours on the same basic schedule I had before.

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IntelliChlors only need 15 to 20 gpm to trip the flow switch. Keep the CYA at about 70 and the alk at 120 (CYA partially offsets alk). then set the pH so the CSI will be about -0.5 and you should be good.


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