Need help with low suction

lindamarieMarch 3, 2011

Pump runs, everything looks fine

except I see bubbles in the water in the pump and bubbles coming out the jets

There is virtually no suction in the return

Obviously, we can't run the pool cleaner

There is suction to take evry bit of wtaer out of the spa, but that has always happened

Is it possible that there is air in the line somewhere?

If so, how do we get it out?

Thanks for your help

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Does the pump sound like its hissing at all?

If you don't see air in the pump strainer but see it coming out of the returns, I'll bet that your impeller is clogged or there is an issue with the diffuser on the pump.

I'll bet you have to take the pump apart, and clean out the impeller.

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The pump sounds normal

I do see air bubbles in the pump strainer

Where is the defuser?

I am reluctant to ask my hubby to take the pump apart to clean the impeller. He may never get it back together again

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Turn on pump ,clean pipe around strainer housing" Paper towels"inject silicone sealant around pipe .the pump should pull silicone in an seal suction leak.then test valves on suction side of pump.try this first to save on expensive repair

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Can you make a quick youtube video of the pump running and the strainer?

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Suction leak is a interesting theory

I am hesitant to suggest my hubby try to fix it with silicone, well maybe

I can't post videos on utube because I am on slow *** dial up

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The impeller was not clogged

Hubby broke the coupling with a pipe wrench

New coupling installed

I still see bubbles in the pump water.

I do not have enough suction to run the pool cleaner
That is a crisis!

There is enough suction to pull most of the water out of the spa. But, that always happened

I really need HELP!

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Air in the pump basket is usually caused by a suction side air leak.

Usually the air leaks are in either the pump lid gasket or the suction side drain plugs. Both can be sealed using plumbers grease (silicone).

If the leak is somewhere else, one of the easier ways to find where the leak is with either shaving cream (see it get sucked in) or pour water over various parts of the suction side plumbing and see where the air disappears.

One more thing. Is the filter pressure lower than what it use to be? If so, it could indicate a blockage in the suction side plumbing.

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One of the first things we did was to buy a drain auger, thinking there was a blockage. Hubby could not get the auger in very far.

They is no suction in the return. The water is sucking out of the spa

Hubby says call Statewide pools 8-[

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