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riles_jFebruary 14, 2011

After receiving so much expert advice here a few years ago with my Ipe deck build, I am back for some help with some add-ons. I am currently building an outdoor kitchen with a pergola incorporated. Here is a pic of that project:

I am looking to install a wall pergola over my patio door in lieu of our awning. In an effort to match the pergola that I will installing over our outdoor kitchen I would like to install something like the wall pergola in this link. Not the first one, but you have to scroll down to the first brown wall pergola (sorry for the cut/paste trouble)


My question is, this wall pergola design utilizes (I assume) a fastener through the back of the ledger to support the cantilevered joist. How far can I cantilever a 2x6 joist and what would be the best faster-type to use? It seems like a lot of pull-out stress on that fastener the further the cantilever extends. I want to be able to hang some pots/feeders from this structure as well. Any thoughts?



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The link is way to long for me to key it in.

Good choice with the Kamado ( green egg ) I have been loving mine for a lot of years. J.

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OK, I downloaded the image and here it is.

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Good to see Ya again Riles !

Man thats about as far a Cant as you can go with that kinda thing. I would not hang anything from it or use 2x6 to build it.

I know a few ways to go with an idea like that but more info is needed. J.

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That is kind of what I thought. That picture is pushing 2' cantilever, and is probably good enough for me. I realize this is a better way to do it.

Trouble is the way I envisioned my pergola the joists in this arrangement are not running the same direction as the main pergola and I thought that running them the same would look better. Here is the pergola I was considering constructing. The arch portion would correspond to the entrance to the 'U' in my outdoor kitchen.

I don't have a good picture of my patio door that I was hoping to put this wall pergola over, but it opens up directly in line with center aisle for the outdoor kitchen. Any ideas/thoughts are appreciated.



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I went thru all your picutes Riles

Memory Lane. I still think you could never had done it all without that little girl Carpenter!!!

Its easy to change the direction of the joist. After all you have already done thats a no brainer.

With your eyebough or wall pergola the main thing is the strengh of the conection to the wall,Next is the strength of the Cant.

It would be very good to fasten the project past the brick veneer and into the header behind it. Trouble is there is at least an inch dead space you will have to deal with but that can be done. I strongley advise you to not fasten to the veneer like I think that picture shows but if you decide to anyway use expanding steel anchors and be very cearful not to over tighten or everything will carck out.

You can fastley increes strength by useing steel, something to think about. J.

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You are right, I could not have done it without "that little girl Carpenter" also known as my wife. She would get a kick out of that moniker. Actually the help I received here is what I owe the success of that project. In fact I still find myself chanting "It ain't killing snakes" on many occassions.

I could flip the joists on the main pegola, but I really want the arch to correspond with the entrance to outdoor kitchen. That fixes the joists in that direction. If I went with a standard pergola, your right I could just switch the direction of the joists.

I got a kick out of your warning to not fasten to veneer, because I could almost sense a bit of resignation that you felt I would probably do so anyway. And to be honest, you are probably right. With the negligible load on that structure I would probably look to just attach it to the brick. I might run it by my structural friend just to be sure. I'm pretty sure that my existing awning is not attached much different, but I could be wrong.

Thanks for the insight.


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Very Welcome Riles.

You go get Em Bro. J.

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To get some added strength in those rafters, consider glueing and lagging some or all rafters, to the ledger, before you put it up.

We've done these wall pergola's, but always with braces. But we have added 2' corbels, to the side of a beam, or rafter, by lagging them with a long lag.

Here is a link that might be useful: Look under arbors

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