Is This Room Ready to Sell?

ttoddApril 19, 2014

Well, I've finally been given a deadline season to have the house ready to put on the market. I am one of those emotional procrastinators who becomes paralyzed w/ (Insert any reason here - for me, usually fear of change) but once I came around to the idea that I can't stop it, I embraced it. So I worked on the LR this week to make it: "If the realtor wanted to show it in an hour, this is what it will look like, so hands off and move on to another room already!".

Please tell me what you would tweak or change (for the purpose of selling it only please) or what the prospective buyer might think. Obviously on the seller end I see it differently so I'm looking for clear, objective thoughts in a kind courteous manner please.

The room is teeny tiny small at only 12x13. I stored the toys in a rollaway bin on wheels under the sofa. The children tested it for a few days and they're good w/ it. There are throws in the basket under the table and a large basket to corral additional throws and overflow pillows for when our family of 5 + dog are on the sofa. Since there are no closets or decent storage downstairs I use this bureau to store extras from the kitchen and office supplies.

Should I repaint the ceiling white or leave as is? All of my ceilings downstairs are this grey (they are 10' high) but I am totally open to repainting them since I have to repaint most of the other rooms anyways now that all of the electrical rewiring of 75% of the downstairs is done.

The pictures are all from my camera phone (except for the last one) so the quality isn't that great. A friend of mine who is a professional photographer will be doing all of the pictures for the listing.

Old pic but shows color of ceiling color:

Can I be done now or is there more tweaking that I should do?

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!

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Pull the trigger. It looks very nice.

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It looks very, very pretty! So just some minor nit-picking:
Do you need the blinds? The stained glass window is gorgeous, and I'd do anything to highlight it.
I wouldn't paint the ceiling.
I'd declutter even more, e.g.
Remove the tissue box and lamp from the dresser.
Move the floor lamp to the right of the armoire to the corner where the dresser is.
Remove the art and frames from the floor next to the armoire. That would actually the most obvious change for me.
Put a large plant in that corner.
Maybe also remove the round side table and put a tray on the storage basket.
Remove the dark pillow in the corner.


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The only thing I, if I were veiwing, would be corncerned about is that the leaning pictures were hiding some flaw, and thus I would move them to explore. Otherwise, beautiful room.

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On to the next room, your work in this one is done. Good luck!

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I'd remove the pictures sitting on the floor and the end table to the left of the sectional. They all look like you didn't know where else to put them. Beautiful room that will look larger the less "stuff" you have in it.

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Do you need the blinds? The stained glass window is gorgeous, and I'd do anything to highlight it.

Blinds needed. Street corner house & blinding sunlight when it hits just right. Typically they are rolled up but it was too bright to take pics.
I'd declutter even more, e.g.
Remove the tissue box and lamp from the dresser.

Tissue box will be moved when house is being shown, then put back & lamps are needed in all 4 corners of the room in the evening. The dresser has to stay otherwise I lose direly required storage. (All furniture will be touched up by DH).

Remove the art and frames from the floor next to the armoire. That would actually the most obvious change for me.
See! What the seller thinks is just! Also an excellent point that someone might think that it is hiding something. Will stay temporarily then.

Put a large plant in that corner.
Plants can't live in our home. I refuse to water them.

Maybe also remove the round side table and put a tray on the storage basket.
Yeah, that corner does look cluttered. Maybe when we show I'll tuck the metal table away in hiding. For now both side tables are there to rest drinks and dishes since anything else is out of arms reach w/o having to physically move 1/2 of your body to put something down or pick it up. I know it sounds lazy - but who wants to move their whole body to take a sip of drink when you're end=grossed in a great movie.

Remove the dark pillow in the corner.
Yes - I actually replaced it w/ a pale blue pillow after I took the picture.

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Wonderful detail, i.e.: the woodwork, the window, the floorâ¦

Leave it as is. It's perfect for selling. And potential buyers can envision how they'd want it. Don't waste the time, energy and money on painting.

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Absolutely agree with those who say to remove more; the key is to edit edit edit, and then edit more - I would remove all the tables, including the coffee table, many of the pillows, all of the items others have mentioned, except possibly not the lamp on the bureau....there is something else large and black on the floor near the armoire and then a tall basket/hamper? would also remove even if the black item is a bass speaker/sound system, and some of the extra items in front of the books, etc....Hope you keep removing then post more pics. Your room may be small, but is very pretty, and the tall ceilings help it live so much larger! Remember when you move into your new place you can put back all the lovely items you edited out for the only purpose of staging to sell! Good luck!!

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Yours is one of my favorite homes on this site. You instinctively understand scale and balance (one of the hardest things to "get" in design imho). I would say it is ready to sell.

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I like this very much and I think you have it perfect. Love the European notion of leaning pictures. I do that myself.

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I think it looks great, and I LOVE what you have done around your tv. We have a similar set-up -- wall-mounted tv above a red dresser. DH has all his components misc sitting on the dresser (yuck) and now I'm thinking that some large, red-or-red-framed pics on the wall around the tv will balance everything out and draw away from all the components.

Additionally, given that people watch the tv and are facing that wall, I like the idea of putting up so many "subliminal" messages in their line of sight ;-)

The room doesn't look small, it looks very inviting!

Edit --> I read the other comments, and I think the suggestions for items to remove are good. I agree folks might peek behind the leaning paintings...and I can see how it sends the message you couldn't find a spot to hang them. But if you leave everything as-is, it is a very very nice room!

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I think your house looks warm and inviting and nicely decorated. I know the general rule is to de-clutter and de-personalize, but a house that is well-decorated can handle a bit more personality than one that is isn't.

If you decide to repaint, I would go ahead and repaint the ceilings to a neutral antique white at the same time as the grey is taste specific.

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I think a house that looks well put together is a real selling point, because it makes the buyer feel like they too can make a home out of it. I wouldn't sterilize anything. Buyers want to see that the house is clean, be able to envision it in their own style (garish colors can hurt that), that there is not serious damage or work that needs to be done. I'd buy your house based on that room in a second.

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The only thing I would consider is to add some colour into the room. Not everyone has a monochromatic taste. That might be able to be done with some seasonal flowers on the coffee table during showings.

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I would also remove the leaning pictures. Otherwise it looks good to me. Lovely, actually.

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I LOVE the gray ceiling. Gives a contemporary feel.

One thing I would suggest is to make sure the photos capture the room, and not focus on the furnishings. When you do that, you may find the need to remove a few more things.

Lovely, just lovely.

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I would just add something to the coffee table....a decorative bowl, tray, orthe floral arrangement currently on the chest or add a similar arrangement. Pretty room!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I wouldn't change a thing as I don't think it's that important once this level is reached. Very nice.

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I love the room and echo Tibbrix sentiments exactly!

Good Luck!

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I think it is more than ready, particularly if you take into account where I think it is?

Window treatments are definitely needed, because this is a place where you don't necessarily want everyone to see inside, especially when it looks as good as this.

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Thank you! I think many of you noted on things that I had nagging thoughts on, soothed some fears and gave me confidence. While I'm confident decorating for me and my family, I am fearful if other's thoughts and considerations have to become the priority.

I was wondering if something should go on the coffee table. I have a few options to consider for that. I wasn't sure if it should be left bare since the other surfaces have something on them, or if I should add a little something. I cut all of my hydrangea last Fall and dried them in the attic for the purpose of having something real when we show instead of my silk hydrangea.

You got it Pal! I do believe that it is more than average for the area, but I have more house & substantially more property than any other in the area. 3 lots in fact. I know that the asking price will be more than the other homes for sale but will not be more than what it's value is worth. I obviously don't want to out price our home for the market. Mr. Fox wants to have the home ready for a realtor to walk through in a month or so.

Thanks for your kind words and suggestions. It has given me faith that I'm doing the right things!

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I love your room. It is very comfortable and homey looking.

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I think the room looks great.

Two things stood out to me a bit - the tissue box for some reason, but I don't like having tissues sitting out - just me - but I would remove it.

I also like leaning pix, but not on the floor. I honestly thought you were going to say those were there to be hung.

Love your style - the gallery wall is great!

Good luck with selling.


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As a realtor I say it is perfect. I would not paint the ceiling, adds to the character and style. I agree w/ everything nosoccermom said.

Good luck, it is a beautiful room.

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I can't believe no one has mentioned the obvious - make sure the dog appears in NO PHOTOS.

Agree that there's too much in the corner by the dresser. I'd rent a storage unit and remove: the dresser and all that's on it. And the little table. And the photos on the floor. And the floor lamps. And whatever is on the floor next to the armoire. And the bookcase in the corner. Everything hanging by the tv. All the books under it.

I'm not interested in your decorating style. I want to see the room.

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Beautiful, great job!!

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Your room looks great. Littlebug's comment about the dog made me pause. I actually get a good vibe when I see a real estate picture with calm dog relaxing in the corner. I have a dog but wouldn't consider myself a dog person. Our dog is more like a big cat, which is why we get along.

Anyway, I understand littlebug's concern because of allergies and such but never really thought about it before.

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I agree with Tina. Your room is beautiful! I would love to to buy the house just based on that gorgeous room!!!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Interesting, I would not want a house that had had cats as their spray is perceptible to me forever. But some people would think the same about dogs. Some friends bought a nice-ish house and had to replace the floor boards because of the odor- from a dog. of course, those are extremes...

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Most cats don't spray. But I agree about keeping the pets out of the pics. I always think it is nuts when people put pets in their CL pics too.

I think removing too much will eliminate the charm. I have to admit, I almost bought a house that was just so well put together. It reminds me of your house in a way, just so perfect for the house and beautiful.

I just fell in love with the location and the decor. I still have pics of that house :)

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Overall it looks nice but a bit too cluttered for me to see the bones of the room - which I want to if I am buying.

I would definitely remove the leaning pictures - I know it is a trend but I think it looks like you haven't gotten around to hanging them, and it covers up the baseboard and one of the few spots you can see the wall.

The table in front of the dresser looks cluttered and you can't open the dresser easily with a table in front - the arrangement implies a small space with insufficient storage.

And finally, I agree about pets and their things not appearing in the final photos. I love animals and have my own pets but a dog appearing in the photo will subconsciously imply doggie odor to people viewing the photos. Not everyone loves animals sadly.

I love the color palette, I wouldn't re-paint it looks great as is!

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Beautiful home and best of luck when it goes on the market!

To me, it does look just a tad cluttered, even though if I were to walk into the room as a guest, I would fall in love with it's coziness. As a potential buyer, for me, personally, it would be difficult to actually "see" the room, if that makes sense. But I suppose this varies from person to person and possibly, from area to area of the country. Some places seem to sell better completely emptied and neutral while others go quickly when they are beautifully decorated.

As for pets, you'd indicated that these were not your final pics, but your sweet looking pup happened to be hanging in the room this day. So I would imagine this is a non-issue (coming from someone with a sweet, sweet dog of her own).

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I'd remove the leaning art on the floor, the tissues, and the Mr. & Mrs. pillow.

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I have to laugh about the tissues because many yrs ago I recall a thread on GW specifically about tissue boxes. It must have been at least 50 responses long about personal opinions on tissue boxes and what people use.

I can't stand looking at them. I hope I remember to remove them for the final pictures of the room.

I spent so much time removing children from the room to take the pictures that by the time I turned around and saw that that dog had come in and laid down I rolled w/ it. No pets in final pictures!

blfenton - totally agree about adding color. I have some 'bluer' pillow covers that I can swap out on some the throw pillows and I always think that flowers are the perfect addition to a neutral room. I can't wait to work w/ a local florist that I often get my fresh flowers from on some arrangements (1 for the coffee table!) when we do the final pictures and Open House.

Just to make it clear, the picture w/ the TV on the wall is old and is no linger decorated like that. The tv is now in the armoire. That was our buffet from the DR that I repurposed put it took up too much room & I just can't stand having 'unused' stuff setting around just for décor purposes. I always love that look everywhere else but maybe it's too many kids running around w/ all of their stuff that I just want clear horizontal surfaces as best as possible.

One of the things about baskets and trays that I like is that they are so easily picked up and hidden. I think that I can find a spot to move that large basket when the time will come to 'unclutter' that corner.

I'm also going to experiment w/ an adjustable height table for the other side of the sofa instead of the other one that s there now. I'll take a pic and you can tell me what you think.

The hubs and I have been taking non-required furniture to our shop for storage.

Hoping to have the downstairs ready in the next 2 wks or so.

Thanks again for your thoughts!

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While I feel the room is cozy and nice, I think it's too personalized and would limit the ability of some buyers to visualize the space, more particularly, visualize it as their space. I think if it were pared down further, you would open the room to more potential buyers.

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Of course, there is no way to actually test these things, but I think some people have taken staging advice so seriously that the home has zero personality. I personally don't think that's so good either. I have had agents tell me that, especially on the high-end, Pottery-Barning everything is a bad idea. Just something to keep in mind.

I love your style, i love this room, the few bits of personality would not get in anyone's way IMHO. Moreover, if your target buyer is like you demographically, the space will probably appeal to them as well. Sometimes I notice a sort of generational bias on GW, since it self selects those with more leisure time, typically middle aged and older people. But, FoxesPad, who is your buyer?

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