Is It Feasible To Re-Excavate My Pool?

zuggy333March 6, 2014

We have an in-ground vinyl liner pool. Because of black algae issues we've discussed the possibility of replacing the liner this spring. If we are to do so, though, I'm seriously considering changing the deep end to accommodate a diving board. As it is right now, we have about 20' of shallow pool, and about 10' of deep (which is only 6' deep). Would it be possible to do this without tearing up our landscaping, and ruining our concrete? How much would a project like this cost? Our pool is 18x30 (maybe even 20x30 - not quite sure). I know we'd lose a lot of our shallow end, but we built it like this to have enough room for volleyball, and as it turns out, we don't ever use the volleyball, and I think we'd get more use out of a diving board since we always have teenagers over swimming. Ideas? Input? Thanks!

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Well yes it could be done with a lot of hand work . Now the size of your pool is a big factor because you have to reduce the shallow end. So for example if it is a 18x30 you will only have a 6ft shallow end by the time you add a diving well. for the board itself you really are supposed to take up the concrete and place the jig for the board under new concrete. For example a 6ft board requires a 6x8 slab for the jig or brace for the board. that's the right way some guys might just drill holes and epoxy your brace in , But I don't work that way.... For the cost I would say somewhere between 10k - 12k . If it were mine I would leave it ,kids grow up fast and get tired of diving even faster....Sodium Bromide works very well for black algae just make sure you treat all toys and anything that goes into the pool....there is a product called NoMor Problems that works great for prevention also.... Rusty

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