Porch Railing Questions

steve_aFebruary 15, 2008

I have to replace the iron railing on my small front porch and steps. The porch is concrete. It's not a big job, but will run into some money, and will impact the appearance of the front of the house, which is brick. The three options for railing that I'm considering are iron, aluminum, and vinyl (ala Home Depot). The price of materials for vinyl is $600-800 from what I can determine; then I'd need to install or pay for installation. My neighbor (who seems to know) says that iron could run me $1500. I had read that aluminum is cheaper than iron, but I'm not sure. I found a website for railingworks.com and I like the looks of their products. I plan to submit a request for a quote from them. I don't care for the white vinyl look as much. Iron or aluminum come in colors, including black. Any information on the relative costs of each of these types, or other comments?

Another question: If there's enough left in the budget, we'd like to have the porch and steps faced in brick or pavers. Obviously it would be best to do this before railing installation, but that may not be possible. Thoughts on uninstalling railing from the concrete at a later date? Terrible idea? Thanks, Steve A

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Aluminum is defently not cheaper than Steel. Usually there is a local welding outfit that makes up steel rail these guys are the place to start.Several ways exist to fasten the rail posts to the slab.

www.kingmetals.com will give you an idea of componet cost and the wide range that can be done in steel or alum.


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I would suggest finding a local supplier that carries Fortress iron rails. They have several styles to choose from, are easy to install & affordable. I'm not sure what their website is but, you can view it at my suppliers site, www.austinwholesaledecking.com

If you are in fact going to install the railing first then putting down bricks on the patio I'd suggest raising the rail 2 1/2" (or whatever the heigth of the bricks/pavers are) that way you don't have to uninstall/install. Also you'll get a better connection to concrete than bricks.


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Thanks, guys. Those are helpful suggestions. I will get on the phone and get some local estimates.

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