Move washer vent to another existing one and abandon old?

kirsch92November 7, 2010

I am pushing a wall back in a laundry located above my garage.

I need to move the supply, drain and vent lines for what I am doing.

Currently the washer is on a 2" drain that drops down the wall between the garage and the house. It has a 1.5" vent. Nothing else is serviced by this drain and vent.

My problem is the vent. I don't wish to change where it penetrates the roof just to move it over a foot into the cavity on the left for my needs. I was going to use a short horizontal (1 foot) run to offset it, but the roof has no attic space above, so to move the pipe I would have to notch or drill a hole in the sloped 2x4 part of the truss to get it there and allow for sheetrocking..

That same cavity on the left would allow me to run the vent up into the attic of the rest of the house and use a horizontal run of about 12 feet to tie into another vent that is a 2" vent servicing the upstairs bath (1 sink, 1 toilet, 1 tub/shower combo) and the downstairs powder room ( 1sink, 1 toilet). This seems like the easiest option to me. I would glue a cap on the abandoned vent up on the roof, and fill it with foam from below. cut it off and sheet rock it over, until I could pull the entire jack out whenever I re-roof.

Are there any limits on number of fixtures tied into vents?

Anything special about a cloths washer drain and vent. I know about drain pipe height and p-trap positioning, no problems I can see there.

Or any other things I am missing?

My other option is to cut into the insulation and 45 it down inside the insulation to the new back wall (pink insulation)


Here is a link that might be useful: Vent line with cavity I need it in on left

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Shouldn't be a problem cutting a tee in that vent for the powder room plumbing you are describing. There are limits on the total number of fixtures on a vent, but you will never exceed those limits in a regular residential home. There is nothing special about a chothes washer vent. It can be combined with any other venting in a home.
I see on your drawing showing a laundry tub in the garage. Are you moving the clothes washer plumbing down there as well? If you are adding that laundry tub and leaving the chothes washer above, I would suggest running a vent down there for the laundry tub.--The Captain

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