Problem with Toto toilet (runs, doesn't fill)

sue36November 30, 2007

We have a two year old Toto Carrollton toilet that is acting up. It runs and won't stop unless you turn the water off. When you open the back the water hose points into the white upright pipe. If the water goes in there the toilet fills but the tank does not. If you redirect the black supply hose so the water runs directly in the tank then the tank fills but the toilet does not.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Check the flapper that covers the hole in the bottom of the tank. Mine had build up from the blue thing my wife put in the tank. It was letting water leak out of the tank and into the bowl.
You can lift the flapper and wipe it clean with a wash cloth if it isn't too bad. You can also replace it inexpensively.

If you can't figure out your problem, go to Home Depot or Lowe's and get a complete replacement for everything in your tank. It will only cost about $20 or $30.

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Call Toto customer service. I love Toto toilets, but I had a problem with one of their valves once. I called up and they sent a replacement valve for free.

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DH already tried checking the flapper. I never use toilet tank additives. I don't think HD sells Toto parts. I checked there already and they didn't even know what a Toto was. I guess I have to call Toto on Monday. Thanks.

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Kudzu9, can you explain why you love Toto's? How do they outperform, and what weaknesses do they have?

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