tub faucet leaking

chuehNovember 17, 2010

About half year ago, we found that the tub faucet is leaking. We changed the the rubber ring inside, although they were not worn or broken. The replacement of the rubber ring did not help. Then, we found out the problem was from the little wood chips in the faucet. We flushed them out, and no more dripping.

Now, again, it ALL AT SUDDEN drips again, but we did not find any debris in the faucet. Everything still looks fine and new. What could be the problem?

Also, every time we disassembled the faucet, we had to go to the curve to shut the main valve off, because we could not find any valve in the tub that controlled the faucet. Did we miss any places where could hide the valve for the tub facet. It's a pain to turn the main valve on and off...


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"Did we miss any places where could hide the valve for the tub facet. "

Most common is behind a panel in the next room from the tub.

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The next room from the tub is the closet of the Baster Bed and the shower stall. Next to the shower stall is the toilet. Can a toilet valve control the toilet, the shower, and the tub?


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Look for an access panel in the wall behind the tub spout. If there is one, open it and take a look.

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You may not have isolation valves for the tub. While highly desirable, they are not universal. You should, though, have a shut off valve where the water service enters the house.

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