Polished chrome and polished nickel fixtures in same kitchen?

windycitylindyMarch 20, 2012

This is what I get for not figuring everything out before ordering. I have four polished nickel light fixtures that I ordered a while ago. I really like them, and I don't want to eat the return shipping and restocking fee if I don't use them. However, I can't find a pull-out faucet that both DH and I like and that isn't $1000 (like the Waterstone).

Will it look bad/obvious to have polished nickel lights and polished chrome faucets? There will be two faucets--one at the prep sink on the island, and one at the main sink. Light fixtures are over each one.

Then, if I did chrome for the faucets, how would polished nickel look for pulls? I'm really wishing I'd thought this out better before we got this far!


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I'm doing chrome faucets, polished nickel hardware in the kitchen. My lights in there are recessed, but I have a crystal chandy for the center of the island that has chrome, and I'm pretty sure that the builder special light for over the table is brushed or satin nickel--will be changing that out. In the bathroom I've got chrome faucets, just bought polished nickel sconces. And I picked a satin nickel knob because they were free and I can replace those later.

I think it depends on the actual finishes of the pieces. If they don't look weird together I think it will work. Take the light you have to the plumbing store and hold it up. I'm sure they have seen odder behavior than that!

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chrome faucets & polished nickel lights will look fine! I would not want a polished nickel faucet anyway - the finger prints would drive me nuts! I find chrome doesn't finger-print as easily.


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Depends on proximity. Nickel and chrome look obvious and wretched right next to each other. If they are outside your line of site from each other, not so much.

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I agree with marcolo.
And let this be a lesson to.....ME. Finding everything in polished nickel is either impossible, or insanely expensive.
Chrome? Not a problem, and...seems to the most durable, and least expensive finish.

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Circus Peanut

So true, Dando. My bath has all polished nickel, which was a brilliant vintage-licious idea .. until I had to fork out for new clawfoot tub plumbing that matches. Seriously, if I had kids on the college track they would have just been rerouted from Stanford to Southern Armpit State at Elbowville.

I think a chrome faucet is such a classic that it goes with almost any other finish. Lindy, I wouldn't put 'em right next to each other as in two faucet fixtures at the same sink (the nickel will look like cheap gold and the chrome will look sickly blue), but for pulls/lights etc, go for it!

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My sink faucets are both polished chrome. My pulls (didn't use knobs) are polished nickel. Nickel can vary, however, from fairly neutral to pretty yellow so keep that in mind. My nickel pulls don't read as much yellow, just a hint of warmth.

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My very expensive polished nickel Brizo Virage bath faucet is absolutely beautiful and doesn't match any of the other polished nickel fixtures I bought! I'm going crazy. Why oh why didn't I hold them up together in the bathroom before I had them installed? I replaced two-tone accessories and now I have gold again! The faucet looks gold and everything else looks like chrome. I can't find a soap dispenser or fingertip towel holder to match! Every manufacturer's polished nickel is a different color...My Amerock Markham towel bars and tissue holder are beautiful, but look more like chrome. Now what? If you want everything to match and not show every fingerprint and waterspot, stick with chrome.

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valants I'm having the same problem with my kitchen faucet. It is Brizzo and is looking more gold than the other polished nickel I am seeing?

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I have chrome faucets and polished nickel knobs and pulls and they look fine. I think your PN pendants will be fine also!

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