Extended Front Porch...Help please

jewel-1February 16, 2012

I could sure use some help with a porch project.

We have a long and narrow front concrete porch with a stone column at each end.

I would like to increase the depth of it so that I can navigate with my power chair.

I have come up with an idea,but I don't know if it will look right.

We are thinking of extending the porch past the stone columns and putting railing around the porch.

Oh, due to a large crack across the depth of the concrete porch, We need to completely cover the porch.

It would be cost prohibitive to tear it out and rebuild.

I want to cover the concrete by building a wood porch and extending it to that it will have depth.

I also intended to place railing around the porch.

As you can see, I NEED ADVICE AND HELP .

I'm including a picture of one that is very simular to what I mean. You can see where the porch extends

beyond the wood columns.

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One idea to look into is, Aeratis porch flooring. Its a pvc tongue and groove porch flooring so it never rots, but it looks like wood. It can go right over your concrete.

You can build up a wooden frame around the perimeter of your existing concrete floor (only if you want to extend it. Next install the Aeratis directly over the concrete using a glue called PL premium (urethane based glue). On the wooden structure, if you decided to extended it beyond your current concrete pad, install Aeratis just as you would normal T&G material. Here is the best part of choosing Aeratis, it is the only product that will warranty the direct application to concrete. Also, Aeratis is ADA slip compliant both wet and dry, this could come in real hand if you are struggling with mobility (noticed you mentioned a power chair).

Good luck!

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