To much rainwater in pool?

meldermanMarch 6, 2011

Building a shotcrete pool, there's about 3ft of water in pool from rain and leaking through shotcrete. Is there ever too much? Shell is 16 days old.

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Not at all. Oftentimes they will truck water in to ballast the pool for the winter if they shoot the shell and wait out the winter to do more work. In Dec they put 24K gallons of water into my pool (filled it about 1/2 way) but it leaked out. A valve was not plugged properly. We have had several snows and rains since they fixed the valve and the water is about 2-3 ft deep in the deep end. They will pump it out. They are supposed to start the remainder of our work early this week but the backyard is so muddy after today's all day rain. They didn't feel the need to put any more water in our pool after the leak b/c they know that we don't have a high water table so they are taking their chances that the pool would not lift.

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Thanks, our water table is pretty low. They hit some water around 7ft while digging. Sounds good then.

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We've got the same thing, only about 2' of groundwater sitting in the deep end. At first I thought it might have something to do with the tides, but it hasn't gone down at low tide. I guess I should taste or smell it to see if it's salty or not, but we have a freshwater spring that leaks right around our property line, so it's probably fresh anyway. Manatees love fresh springs, so when they come up our canal, they hang out right off the property line, between our dock and our neighbors'. Oops, got a bit off topic.
PB reassures me the water is fine.
(I'm the New Pool in St Petersburg thread)

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