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sue_ctNovember 28, 2011

I have been dealing for a long time with a shower that is too cool. The water from the tub spout is nice and hot but the shower temp is too cold. I just had the shower valve and controller replaced with a new Moen. The problem is not any better. It seems to get worse in the winter and I think it has to do with the anti scald device or the temperature limit on the temperature control but I don't know how to fix it. I am very frustrated and want to cry at the thought of another cool shower and worse, another winter of them ahead. The instructions that came with the faucet say it might need seasonal adjusting but it seems to be talking about measuring the water temperature coming out of the tub spout, which is fine. It doesn't adress any where if the tub spout is fine and the shower is too cool. By they way, the hottest I could get the shower water to come out was about 90 degrees, maybe 95%. HELP, please.

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Correction: after running for just a minute or two, the water from the tub spout is only putting out 85 degree water. There are no children in this house and that is way too cool for me, esp in winter in Connecticut. I shouldn't have to heat the bathroom up to 80 degree so I don't freeze taking a shower! I take it is the limit on the temperature control then? The furnace doesn't even kick on because it says the water is plenty hot! (Yes, I had the furnace and thermostat checked last winter when I had this problem with no resolution).

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Turn the water on. Turn the temperature control as hot as the limit will allow. Remove the trim handle. Use pliers and a rag to turn the temperature control up to the hottest temperature you would consider safe for a shower. Replace the trim piece. Done!

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Thanks. Unfortunately turned out not to be the problem. But at least now I know.

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