Handles or knobs on shallow five piece drawers?

stacylhMarch 29, 2013

I didn't realize this was going to be an issue until yesterday when I visited the cabinet maker to make hardware selections.....

Cabinets are full-overlay recessed paneled with a mixture of doors and five piece drawers, even on the shallow ones.

I love the look the cup pulls and really had my heart set on those, using knobs for the upper and the lower doors. However, after choosing those, my cabinet maker informed me that he didn't think the cup pulls will fit on the shallow top drawers and asked what I'd prefer to do - knobs like the uppers or a different pull?

My dilemma is that I'm afraid that it will look really off balanced to use a knob on the top with a cup pulls underneath. Therefore, should I just scrap the whole cup pull idea and go with a pull that will work everywhere or use knobs, cup pulls, and regular bar pulls?

Honestly, my heart is sinking at the thought of scratching the cup pulls :(

Thoughts and/or pics would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Bumping for you since we need to make this decision very soon. I think we're going to do a regular pull. I skimmed though my houzz ideabook and this is the closest I could find. Most are all pulls, all cups or all knobs.

Traditional Kitchen by Minneapolis General Contractor John Kraemer & Sons

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Holly- Kay

I really think if you go with what you love it will look gorgeous no matter which route you go. If you use all the same it will have an all over pulled together look. If you use what you love and mix it up a bit it will be very charming and homey. Go with what you love and make that kitchen your own!

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stacylh, we used 5 panel drawers and doors as well and faced the same dilemma. We went with knobs on the shallow drawers above and cup pulls on deeper drawers below and feel that it worked out well. I have attached a picture to help you out. Good luck with your decision.

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Thanks, everyone!!

thynes, I LOVE your kitchen! I decided to use the knobs on the shallow drawers and not get so schizophrenic with everything :)

I did have to order some long handles, though, to go on my hidden pantry doors.

Whew, what a relief to actually make a decision.....now onto door hardware and lighting for the rest of the house!

Thanks again!!

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