Help with Sun on Patio in windy coastal area

alyx_cJanuary 9, 2013

This house is on the coast and it is very windy 99% of the time. I took this picture on the one day it was not windy.

The afternoon sun makes the patio unusable. You could get a bad burn just sitting there.

The heavy curtains worked well except the wind banging them agaist the stucco and roof shredded them.

Next I tried sun shades. The metal on the ends broke all my ceiling fan lights with the wind. So I got sun shades from Ikea that were much lighter and no metal. I used them more like curtains. I put them on the outside part -VS- inside the patio but the edges still got shredded with the stucco. I have thought of other commercial shades but nothing will hold up to the wind unless it is anchored to the concrete. We are building a pool right now where you see flagstone and rock. I would still like to use the patio in the afternoon. Does anyone have any ideas? I am now leaning towards putting a series of wood pergolas along the entire house to help with the sun. Anything we use must hold up to the sun, wind, and salt air. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Alyx

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I'd consider building a pergola or covered patio out to the edge of the (future) pool. That will provide more cover to shade the part that's inside the existing curtained area.

Another option on the curtains would be to sew a pocket on the bottom of them and thread them onto a length of PVC pipe anchored to the ground. Then they'd be anchored at the top and bottom, and the middle part would flap around in the wind a bit, but you could at least block the sun. It would create a trip hazard when you pulled the curtains open, so you'd need to think about that.

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I love how you have those curtains up! They look very classy. What I would do is keep those curtains and hem the sides up on the bottom to create pockets along the length of them and fill it with sand. This will give the curtains some weight against the wind. This would also be cheaper and less of a tripping hazard then using pipes or anchoring it to the ground. Also, this will still allow you to tie your curtains like you have them now, or untie them. Hope this helps!

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