goyomMarch 28, 2010

Anyone ever hear of this?

There is a radio show in my area on Sat, called:

the backyard bay...

I started listening to it a while back and it was informative.

They constantly plug how this should be the only salt you consider for your salt water pool...

Anyone know if this is legit, or is it just part of a big AM radio infomercial these guys are putting on?

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I use it. Works like Morton's, Diamond Chrystal, just a different bag.


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yep it's a crystal salt works great...I would still turn my cell off for 24hrs after adding ...

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I came across this question and just wanted to see if any one had any more questions about AQUASALT.

Just a brief description of AQUASALT: AQUASALT is a Food Grade Salt, highest purity. AQUASALT is 99.9% pure.

You are asking yourself 'why would you want a pure salt� Isn�t salt, salt?' Not when it comes to the maintenance of your pool. There are solar salts, and there is AQUASALT. Solar salts is salt that is out on a salt lake that is being dried and exposed to outside environmental eliminates. AQUASALT is a mined, in an underground mine. We take special care of the salt to clean in a brine solution, sift the salt well to make the salt nearly powder, and to give you the high purity food quality salt to put in your pool. Knowing you don�t have to worry about impurities, or potential staining like the other salts that are out on the market today.

Challenge: Take another brand salt, put it into a clear plastic bag. Now take AQUASALT and do the same in another clear plastic bag. And you will immediately see the difference.

AQUASALT prides ourselves in the best product for a competitive price, unlike other 'high purity salts' that are so expensive. To set ourselves apart from other companies our salt is even kosher, certified by the OU.
Please visit us online at for any other questions you might have.

Thank you,
Amanda Johnson

Here is a link that might be useful: AQUASALT, LLC

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A salt cell won't know the difference between Morton's, Diamond Crystal, or Aqua brands. The biggest delta is the initial size and how long it takes to dissolve, where smaller granules are faster. The pool still needs a turn or two of the pool's volume to evenly distribute it.

Any 99.9% NaCl salt, whether granular or gems for the brine tank of a water softener is still 99.9% pure.


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