experience with glass/metal deck railings???

lg_houseJanuary 18, 2011

I hope someone can help us!....We're in the process of building our comtemp/modern house and are really interested in using glass/metal railings for the deck. Does anyone have experience with this? Also, can you recommend any vendors?

Thanks in advance.


Here is a link that might be useful: pic

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Great pics! Is just the glass rail in pic #6 cost 28k or did the whole deck plus railings cost that price?

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the whole deck, we have to give em away in Michigan, Glass for a deck that size is about $800.00 1/4" temp
steve scholl

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The glass barely shows in the photo, but individaul pieces fit between the posts and is 1/4" tempered. I took measurements to a local glass shop who fabricated for me. Been over 10 years and I don't recall the cost.

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I have some experience with glass in wood framing. The glass is expensive and you have to keep it clean.

I had a client that worked for one of the largest commercial glass installers in the state. He was going to do his own glass railings. In the end, he decided against it, for the above reasons.


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I agree with Barney, CRL came to mind when I first read the title to your post. Problem is, they aren't set up to deal direct. I have a reseller permit, and I think that is the only way I was able to get an account.

You might find the CR Laurence website useful for getting ideas. There are many types of hardware systems to attach glass.

Here is a link that might be useful: CRL online catalog

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Pro built aluminum can be ordered by homeowners any where. They are a vancouver based company and ship to the US all the time. Pro built is the aluminum in the picture I posted a couple weeks ago. Cr Laurence is the only company i am aware of that does the "look" you posted in your pics
steve scholl

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