Replacement spa cover from Costco...

the_drakeMarch 2, 2010

Has anybody purchased a spa cover from My original cover from Hot Spring Spas lasted 8 years, but they are $175 more than the one from costco.

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that is a great question. I also have a hot springs spa and look forward to hearing how the costco cover works out. You do know that if you buy the one at Costco and it is not up to par you can return it. That is what is so great about Costco.

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Not all spa covers are the same quality. THey may look and weigh about the same the it's what's inside that matters. If the Costco cover is heat sealed and has a 4 to 3" center to edge slope, steel reinforced center and edges and it fits right, great! I doubt it though.


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These are the specs from the costco cover made by corecovers. Thanks

Safety: Meets ALL ASTM Safety standards
Rugged 30 oz. Marine Grade Vinyl Top
Tapered Virgin Foam Insulation: 4" - 2"
6 mil Double-Ply Poly-Laminate Underneath
Exclusive Moisture Lock Heat Seal
Sturdy, Four Layer Hinge
#93 Dacron Polyester, UV Thread throughout
Super-Strength Recessed Handles
37 different stress point reinforcements
20 gauge steel, non-corrosive reinforced center bar
Locking, Extra Strong Tie-Down Straps
Cold crack tested down to -20F
Zipper: Hidden design and corrosion resistant.
Mildew and UV Inhibitors
Grommeted Drain Holes
Premium Commercial Grade Skirt with custom made split corners to seal the heat in and protect shell.
3 year (bumper to bumper). NON-PRO RATED.

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Sounds good to me.


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We bought a spa just two years ago and were amazed that the inside black "liner" of the cover started "shredding". Even the tub is warranted for longer than that. Anyway, we unzipped the cover and slid the foam out and laid it in the sunshine to dry out, then removed all the black shredding plastic and reqrapped the foam with the same plastic that you wrap your house with when it is first being built. Slid the newly wrapped foam back in the cover, zipped it up and we're good to go again...we sealed every loose edge of the "wrap" with duct tape. It's just like brand new again....actually, better now. My question is this...does anyone know what made it do that in such a short time? We don't keep it super hot, just about 100 or 101.



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Chemstry. What are you using to sanitize/oxidize with?


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