Water Softener setting while on vacation

topperdudeNovember 3, 2009


We have a Water-Right FS-948 water softener with a Fleck 5600 Econominder mechanically metered control valve. We are planning to go on vacation for ~4 weeks this holiday season and wonder if it might be advisable to put the softener in some sort of a "vacation mode" e.g. put it in bypass mode, unplug it, etc.?

I have read conflicting suggestion on the Internet where some people (i.e. online dealers) seem to advise putting it in bypass and unplugging the softener while away for more than couple weeks to avoid unnecessary regeneration cycles. On the other hand, other websites (dealers) seem to advocate just leaving the softener as it is if the vacation is less than 4-6 months ("extended time away").

Would appreciate any input/advice from the experts here.



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When I go on vacation I shut the water to the house OFF and relieve the static pressure in the plumbing.

If you live in a temperate climate shut off the water and relieve the pressure, turn off the water heater, and unplug the softener.

When you return turn on the water and turn on the water heater. Plug in the softener, set the softener's clock, and initiate a regeneration.

If you live in a FREEZING climate then other steps will need to be taken.

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justalurker - Thanks for the response!

We do live in freezing climate (ZONE 4 - MN to be specific). Would appreciate any suggestions for what we should do in this case?


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Too difficult to drain the plumbing and real difficult to drain the softener.

Keep the house heated? House sitter?

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justalurker - sounds like, because of where we live, its might not be advisable to change anything while on extended vacation due to the challenges you listed (i.e. "Too difficult to drain the plumbing and real difficult to drain the softener")?

We were planning on keeping the house heated enough to prevent pipes from freezing anyway. I was wondering if there might be something more we should/could do.

Re. softener, for the model number I have listed, I understand that this particular model "monitors" water usage and only generates as needed. I wonder if it would ever re-generate if the "soft water" does not get used up?

Also, wondering if there's any risk of turning off the individual taps at each of the appliances, e.g. the hot/cold water taps at washer/dryer, taps for the toilets, etc or is it not advisable to do so?


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A Fleck 5600 Econominder will not regenerate with no water usage.

I NEVER leave my home unattended for more than that day without turning off the water.

A minor water leak can devastate a house in less than a day let alone 4 weeks.

Forewarned is forewarned.

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