Brand new Grohe Bridgeford, problems with dripping/unseating head

igarvinNovember 28, 2010

My DH and I are just coming up on the end of our DIY kitchen renovation. We turned the faucet on for the first time and the faucet came unseated and it does it everytime we put the water on. When we turn the water off, it drips. It's brand new, should we just take it back and exchange it?

I"m honestly not sure I'd exchange it for another one. My DH is a mechanical engineer and I bothered him about making sure it was installed correctly before coming here. He just has no idea what the problem could be and is really upset I spent so much on a faucet that is performing terribly out of the box.

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I did contact Grohe about this, the head will probably drip and they just re-stated the spring installation for the head problem. Not helpful at all.

I'm concerned about their lack of customer service enough that I'm going to return it.

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