Patio Dampness

staticpen67January 18, 2010

My patio was constructed in the late Fall and completed in the early Winter of 2009. Even during days when there is no precipitation, there are always wet spots throughout my patio, around the edges of each paver stone. Is this normal? From what my patio constructor tells me, there is roughly 7-8 inches of quarry dust and some type of sand material in between the soil and my patio.

The person who constructed my patio noted that because the ground is thawing out after such cold weather that this is why the dampening occurs. However, given he had used the polymer sand to as to "caulk" the paver stones as well as the quarry dust/sand in between the soil and patio I feel there should be no such precipitation leaking through.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Water is geting in underneith.
Sorry bout your luck there is such precipitaion leaking through. Live with it. J.

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