eljer toilet tank models numbers help!

tom418November 9, 2011

I'm looking to replace the flapper valve and fill valves

on two different ELJER tanks. The model numbers look like 2574 and 2562. However, when I called Eljer (American Standard). I was told that the model number should be seven digits long!

All I see are four digits, preceded by a date stamp. The year was 1996.

I'm looking at the inside rear wall. Is there any other place I should be looking? The name "Eljer" is printed on the lid of one tank. Is it possible that the lid is for an Eljer tank, but my tank is not Eljer? I'm the original owner of thge house.

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Unless you have a very rare eljer you don't need the tank number, You can use a universal fit generic such as those made by Fluidmaster

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